Giving a speaking test around Christmas is very possible to have a conversation about the holidays. In many cases, the Speaking Test is a representation of a normal conversation between two people. You should avoid very formal language. However, you probably also don’t want to use overly informal or old-fashioned language. 

Many Christmas words sound old-fashioned and you have to be careful when you use them in your Speaking test. Before anything else whatever the case is about, first, make sure you pronounce them correctly, and second, make sure you use them appropriately and in context. 

So, what exactly are Christmas-themed words or phrases? There is no definitive list of all Christmas-themed words.

Here you can find a list of some:

Tinsel – lengths of glittered string that are hung around the house and on the Christmas tree. 

Holly – a plant with prickly (sharp) leaves and red berries.

Fairy lights – small, decorative lights on a string.

Mistletoe – a plant with green leaves and white berries, which is hung from the ceiling. When people are under the mistletoe at the same time, they must kiss each other!

A bauble – a spherical (round) decoration that is hung on the Christmas tree.

A carol – a traditional song

A mince pie – is a sweet pastry pie filled with mincemeat (a mixture of dried fruit and spices).

Mulled wine – red wine flavored with spices and served hot.

A sleigh – a vehicle on runners used for traveling over snow or ice.

Christmas pudding – a rich boiled pudding made with flour, suet, and dried fruit.

A yule log – a chocolate cake in the shape of a log. ‘Yule’ is an old-fashioned word for Christmas.

Charades – a parlor game in which players act out a word or phrase without speaking, and other players have to guess the word/phrase